Remedium Technologies is a medical device start-up which operates with a vision of user-directed advancement in the standard of care for the control of severe hemorrhage. Severe hemorrhage is the leading cause of death on the battlefield, accounting for over half of all preventable deaths in combat. Within the civilian setting, traumatic injuries are the leading cause of death among patients under the age of 44. Currently available products or methods to stop these kinds of injuries are either inherently ineffective or very difficult for most users to implement effectively.

The principals of Remedium Technologies have created a proprietary life-saving technology called Hemogrip™ which acts to stop traumatic bleeding rapidly. As the active component in a suite of pipeline products under development, Hemogrip™ is a uniquely user-friendly hemostat which is able to orchestrate the self-assembly of a clot-like seal upon contact with blood. It can be used effectively by a surgeon, by a soldier, or by an unskilled “buddy.” Working under grants from the National Science Foundation and the United States Army Research Lab, Remedium Technologies is dedicated to saving lives both in the field and in the operating room.


Product under development, not for sale or use.